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Periods that prevent you from enjoying everyday activities are not normal.

A menstrual period is a natural process that every woman experiences. However, if your monthly cycle affects your ability to perform daily tasks and participate in social activities, you could be a candidate for Endometrial Ablation. Many women are not aware that they do not have to suffer from painful periods and PMS symptoms. Endometrial Ablation can be a solution for those women who have completed their family.

At The Ashford Center, we take the time to listen and find a solution that is customized to each patient. As specialists in heavy periods and PMS, we offer a minimally invasive procedure with little or no downtime and low out-of-pocket costs for most patients. The Ashford Center is Georgia’s only specialist in Gynecology that focuses exclusively on problem periods and PMS, as well as hormonal and perimenopausal problems.

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The Ashford Center has performed over 5,000 Endometrial Ablation procedures, and we are leading providers in this field. Endometrial Ablation is a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that gently removes the lining of the uterus, eliminating periods and PMS. Most of our patients report that their periods completely stop.

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We often hear women complain that their questions about problem-periods and hormonal problems were not answered by their doctor or other provider. At The Ashford Center, we take the time to listen and find a solution customized to each person. As a specialist in heavy periods and PMS, we offer a minimally invasive procedure that has little or no down time and low out-of-pocket costs for most patients. The Ashford Center is Georgia’s only specialist in Gynecology that focuses exclusively on problem-periods and PMS!

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Find Relief For Common Problems

  • Stop Heavy, Irregular or Bothersome Periods;
  • Stop PMS issues, like cramping, migraine headaches, cravings, mood swings, and more;
  • Stop hot flashes, night-sweats, fog-brain, and related mood-problems;
  • Alternatives to hysterectomy

We promise to solve these problems and get you on the road to a solution!

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Our Patients Say It Best

The best thing I EVER did!!! I can’t believe I waited a whole year before I called, if you want to do it....Don’t Procrastinate.It’s worth it…

Danniette L

I am just overly happy with the service I received from Dr. Ashford and his team .. Starting with The front office Mrs. Lauri she’s a very nice and patient and professional. From the first time I Spoke to Dr. Ashford via Telemedicine I was happy . Dr. Ashford took his time and explained to me what the procedure was and what to expect.. I love the fact De. Ashford didn’t seem rushed and he gave me an opportunity to ask questions. On the day of my Procedure he went over everything again to make sure I understood everything.. I thank Dr. Ashford and his staff for being professional ,personable and extremely nice .. I would recommend the Ashford Center anytime..

God’s Lady Crawford

Dr. Ashford and everyone from the front desk to the nurses are incredible! I’ve never had as great of an experience with any other office. Dr. Ashford was compassionate and understanding of the struggle that women can face and made me feel truly heard and gave me great hope. I had endometrial ablation on 4/15 following a telehealth appointment (I live two hours away from his office, so the exam was held on the following day per-surgery) where Dr. Ashford explained everything thoroughly and took time to answer any questions I had - all while my two toddlers crawled all over me. He laughed and said it was a joy to see and hear them. So sweet! The procedure was quick and painless and I have had no side effects! Highly recommend this procedure and wouldn’t send my friends or family anywhere else!

Whitney H

Dr.Ashford and his staff are amazing!!! They are very caring, thoughtful and make sure your experience is the best possible. The surgery I had has changed my life for the better!!! I’m beyond thankful for Dr.Ashford and his staff.

April G

I am so happy that I came to see Dr. Ashford. Since my procedure, I feel like a new person. I no longer have the monthly symptoms that were controlling my life before. Dr. Ashford takes as much time as you need to explain everything and his staff is very friendly and helpful.

Shannon Tucker