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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can cause a variety of symptoms in the days leading up to your period, including headaches and migraines. In our date of over 4,000 women, around 70% complain of headaches before and during the first part of periods. Nearly all of these cyclical headaches will disappear after Advanced Endometrial Ablation. Clinton Ashford, MD, FACOG, and Rebecca Ashford, MD, at The Ashford Center in Athens, Georgia, focus on Advanced Endometrial Ablation, a minimally invasive surgery that can help alleviate premenstrual headaches and migraines. To learn more about endometrial ablation for premenstrual headaches, call The Ashford Center or book a consultation online today.

Premenstrual Headache

What is a premenstrual headache?

Premenstrual headaches are those that start in the days just before you begin your period. They may be typical headaches like those you’d experience if you were stressed or dehydrated, but often premenstrual headaches come in the form of debilitating migraine attacks.  

As many as 30% of our patients tell us that they have at least two days of severe migraine headaches prior to their periods.  All of these cyclical headaches will disappear after Advanced Endometrial Ablation! 

What causes premenstrual headaches?

The trigger for premenstrual headaches is a neuropeptide toxin emitted from the degenerating endometrium just before the periods or during its first day or two. Getting rid of the root cause of the problem, removal of the endometrium, will nearly always stop these cyclical headaches for good!  

The Advance Endometrial Ablation procedure at The Ashford Center is the safest, simplest way to get to the root of the problem and be headache-free forever.

What are the symptoms of premenstrual headaches?

Premenstrual headaches are usually throbbing, making your head pound and causing increased pain when you move. You may also experience other symptoms, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Joint pain
  • Not urinating as often as normal
  • Constipation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Increased appetite
  • Cravings for chocolate, salt, or alcohol

Some women may suffer from this type of headache each month, while others, especially those who are prone to migraines anyway, experience regular premenstrual migraine headaches. 

Migraines don’t just cause intense pain in your head. They can also be the source of other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and flashing lights or auras that affect your vision.  In addition to making a woman’s life miserable, these headaches interfere with productivity at work, obviously.

Can endometrial ablation help with premenstrual headaches?

Advanced Endometrial Ablation stops nearly all premenstrual headaches because removing the lining of your uterus stops the degenerating endometrium from emitting the triggering neuropeptide toxin. The endometrium that lines your uterus is a critical component of menstruation, as it’s the tissue that your body sheds every month if no egg gets fertilized. Once childbearing is complete, it can safely and simply be removed with the Advanced Endometrial Ablation procedure at The Ashford Center.

Dr. Clint Ashford is an expert at removing this tissue using Advanced Endometrial Ablation, a minimally invasive procedure that ends menstruation permanently, thereby eliminating premenstrual headaches and migraines.

Endometrial ablation is only suitable for women whose families are complete because you won’t be able to conceive after undergoing the procedure.

For more information, call The Ashford Center or schedule a consultation online today.