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Mood swings, including anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, agitation, and excessive emotion, are frequent and debilitating symptoms of both premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause, causing distressing extremes that you may feel helpless to control. Clinton Ashford, MD, FACOG, and Rebecca Ashford, MD, at The Ashford Center in Athens, Georgia, provide minimally invasive Advanced Endometrial Ablation to help women experiencing these kinds of mood swings. To learn more about this treatment, call The Ashford Center or book a consultation online today.

Mood Swings

What are mood swings?

Mood swings are rapid changes in the way you feel. For example, you might feel happy and content one minute, then burst into tears; or you might feel calm and then suddenly become angry and lose your temper. Some women simply feel a steady level of anxiety, or irritability, or depression, or anger, or ALL OF THE ABOVE!

These changes in your emotions can be exhausting and frustrating because you never know how you’re going to feel at any given time, making it hard to manage all the activities in your day.  These swings of mood may affect family life as well as productivity at work.

You may experience a range of emotions when you have mood swings, sometimes in fast succession, including:

  • Mild to moderate depression
  • Anxiety
  • Melancholia
  • Sensitivity
  • Anger
  • Agitation
  • Self-hatred
  • Irritability
  • Outbursts of rage
  • Extreme sadness
  • Disinterest

Some women find their mood swings occur less frequently, so they may feel happy in the morning, angry in the afternoon, and miserable in the evening, rather than jumping from one emotion to another throughout the day.

What causes mood swings?

An area of the brain that controls our moods is called the Limbic System.  A neuroactive peptide emitted by the degenerating endometrium causes changes to the vasculature of the Limbic System, affecting mood.  

These mood swings are nearly always perceived a negative and burdensome, and nearly always stop after Advanced Endometrial Ablation at The Ashford Center.  If a woman’s endometrium is no longer emitting the offending neuroactive peptide, she’ll feel like the week after her period every day of the year! 

Will Advanced Endometrial Ablation help with my mood swings?

YES!!!  After Dr. Clint Ashford carries out your Advanced Endometrial Ablation procedure, you will no longer menstruate, and many of the symptoms associated with your periods will no longer cause problems. Undergoing Advanced Endometrial Ablation at The Ashford Center only takes a few minutes, and it’s minimally invasive, so discomfort is minimal.

You do need to be sure that you don’t wish to have any more children before undergoing Advanced Endometrial Ablation, as you’ll be unable to conceive after removal of the endometrium.

To find out more about Advanced Endometrial Ablation and how it can help with your mood swings, call The Ashford Center or book a consultation online today.