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What our patients tell us about NovaSure

“This is the most wonderful thing ever! I feel like I have my life back! I no longer have to leave work and vacations are wonderful now! Best decision ever! Thank you, thank you!”

- Regina

“NovaSure really got rid of the menstrual headaches that had been plaguing me for years. I have only had one or two headaches since the procedure and they were very mild.”

- Rheema

“I have recommended the procedure to my friends. All the women my age that are finished having children I encourage to do this. It’s life changing!

- Rebecca

“I feel wonderful not having a period. Great blessing not having to stress over heavy bleeding for days. My husband loves it, too!”

- Tina

“Life is great now, No more bleeding; no more changing of clothing during the day; no more blood on my sheets involved.”

- Mandy


- Nita

“This was the best money I’ve ever spent. Dr. Ashford did an excellent job; I’ve had no more bleeding since the procedure, and if everything were this easy, it would be a great world.”

- Joanne

“I should have had this taken care of years ago.”

- Yoshiky

“I would for sure– NovaSure– recommend the procedure to a friend!”

- Marie

“I have made numerous referrals. The procedure changed my life!”

- Tina

“I have referred friends for the procedure and will continue to do so. The procedure made a huge difference for my marriage and PMS has been so much better; no antidepressants since but had been on them before for years.”

- Jennifer

“No more headaches, mood swings, or bloating…none.”

- Ruth

“I have none of that anymore. “Thank you for informing me about this procedure. I had no problems after it. I haven’t had a period since the
procedure; thank you, Dr. Ashford.”

- Angela

“I would recommend this procedure to anyone. I no longer have the horrible periods. This has improved my life so much.”

- Karen

“Yes, knowing what I know now I would have the procedure again! But, I would have it done earlier rather than suffer for year with heavy periods.”

- Laura

“The best thing that I ever did; I love it!”

- Toni

“This has been a life changing procedure. No headaches, no more bloating, or cramping. Thanks to Dr. Ashford and his staff!”

- Cindy

“Yes! I would recommend the procedure. I recommend to co-workers constantly! This was the best decision I have ever made.”

- Jennifer

“I recommend the procedure to everyone that I know. I couldn’t be happier.”

- Kitty

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