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Q: What are the symptoms of hormone deficiency, and how would I know if I should take hormone supplements?

A: The most common symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency are hot flashes and night sweats.  There can be other symptoms as well, such as insomnia, vaginal dryness, moodiness and depression, as well as many other symptoms.  For example, some women may complain of forgetfulness, lack of being able to focus and “mental fogginess”.  If these symptoms are caused by a decreased output of estrogen from the ovaries, then taking the correct dose of hormone replacement usually alleviates these bothersome symptoms altogether.

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“I have referred friends for the procedure and will continue to do so. The procedure made a huge difference for my marriage and PMS has been so much better; no antidepressants since but had been on them before for years.”

- Jennifer

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