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Q: Are there other techniques for removing the endometrium (endometrial ablation)?

A: The FDA has approved 6 methods of endometrial ablation. Nearly 80% of endometrial ablation procedures in the USA are NovaSure® procedures. The NovaSure® procedure is simple, safe and effective. Dr. Clint Ashford is also an expert in the HTA® and Her Option® cryoablation procedures, but he mainly uses them for specific indications. For example, when a woman has a fibroid tumor that protrudes into her uterine cavity, the NovaSure® device will usually not work. However, removal of the endometrium may be accomplished with the HTA® device that is not dependent on having a regular interior uterine shape.

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“Yes! I would recommend the procedure. I recommend to co-workers constantly! This was the best decision I have ever made.”

- Jennifer

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