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Permanent Birth Control

Once a couple has determined that their family is complete, they may want to consider the Essure® permanent birth control system. This is a safe, pain-free procedure that is done here in our office. The Essure® “threads” are inserted vaginally and block the fallopian tubes with tiny thread-like structures. The Essure® technique can be done under light sedation so that the patient feels no discomfort at all. Once the Essure® threads have been inserted, they seal the tubes over the next several weeks, and then no other birth control method is necessary. Frequently, the Essure procedure can be done at the same time as the NovaSure procedure.

What our patients tell us about NovaSure

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“I have referred friends for the procedure and will continue to do so. The procedure made a huge difference for my marriage and PMS has been so much better; no antidepressants since but had been on them before for years.”

- Jennifer

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