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Heavy Periods

Too often, women are suffering UNNECESSARILY with their heavy or difficult-to-manage periods.

Heavy, painful, or irregular periods can be the result of several factors. The most common causes fall into three categories: 1) Hormonal imbalances; 2) Infections 3) Fibroids or other growths within the uterus. After the cause of the problem is determined, heavy periods or irregular bleeding can almost always be successfully treated.

Once a woman is certain that she has completed child-bearing, periods can be permanently stopped using a simple, in-office procedure called “endometrial ablation” (a procedure that gently and safely removes the hormonally active lining of the uterus.) The Ashford Center specializes in a variety of endometrial ablation techniques depending on the needs of the individual. NovaSure® is the most common endometrial ablation procedure, but the Ashford Center also specializes in the HTA® and the Her Option® Cryoablation techniques as well. Even when a woman has fibroids, heavy periods can usually be completely eliminated. These procedures are called “hysterectomy alternatives” because the cause of the problem is eliminated without the need for invasive surgery to remove the uterus.

What our patients tell us about NovaSure

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“I have referred friends for the procedure and will continue to do so. The procedure made a huge difference for my marriage and PMS has been so much better; no antidepressants since but had been on them before for years.”

- Jennifer

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